Sellers FAQ

What is the first step to selling my home?

Get a great local agent to help you determine the market value and develop a marketing plan. Rosie’s team is happy to help!

What if I want to sell my home myself because I don’t want to pay a commission?

There is no law preventing you from selling your home by yourself. Just be sure to provide necessary disclosures and show your home to pre-approved buyers only. Feel free to contact us for a “FSBO” consultation to help you get organized and facilitate a smooth transaction.

Why are the buyers asking me to pay for their closing costs?

Some lenders allow this. As a seller, the most important number for you is your profit. If this figure is acceptable, then go for it.

If my house has only been on the market for a day or two, should I take the first offer I get?

No. The best indicator of how much your home is worth is to look at multiple offers. Entertain offers on or after the 5th day.

What if I do not want to sell my house to certain people?

This is an illegal practice and violates fair housing and equal opportunity laws. For more information on this visit the HUD website.

Do I need to disclose that I had water in my basement 20 years ago?


Do I need to disclose that my dog ate most of the hardward flooring under the area rug?

Again, yes.

Do I need to disclose that my neighbor is my weird brother that no one invites to family gatherings?


I do not want to show my house on the weekends, can we not schedule showings from Friday to Sunday?

Yes, we can put restrictions on the showings, however, keep in mind that most buyers are only available nights and weekends to view homes. If the time is restricted, potential buyers will be more likely to buy another home and your home will sit on the market longer than most.

How long does it take to get my money after closing?

Most transactions take 30-45 days from start to finish.

Can you sell my weird brothers house too?

Yes, 90% of our business comes from referral of satisfied customer’s family and friends. And we do not discriminate for any reason, including weirdness.

Can we sign electronically?

Yes, if that is your preferred method. Otherwise, we can meet at any one of our offices to sign actual papers with an ink pen.

Where can we meet?

We have 8 locations across the Metro Detroit area. We can meet at any one that is most convenient for you. We can also meet at your home, provided your dog doesn’t bite and you have snacks.